Freedom comes when you learn to let go, kapitel 22

- Well there have been this one weird feeling since she and her brothers
stepped out of the car for the first time this summer, började jag I hopp o
matt hon skulle fatta.
- So you do love her?
Jag struntade I huvudet och lät hjärtat tala istället.
- Yes, yes I do love her.

Marys perspektiv:
- I feel so lonely.
- Don’t, you know I’m only a phone call away.
- I know but I wish I was on Ireland with you and my brothers and dad.
- I know, you will soon be.
- What if I have to stay here for three weeks?
- Then we’ll meet up in London, I’m not gonna forget about you and lose the
contact I promise.
- What if it happens anyway? You have tour and stuff and well I jus…
- We won’t lose contact again Mary!
- You can’t promise that!
- Yes I can!
- No!
- Yes!
- And what makes you promise that?
- I can’t tell you.
- Why not?
- I just can’t okey?
- Okey.
- I promise okey?
- Okey.
- Do you belive me?
- For some weird reason yes I do belive you.
- Good.
En tystnad uppstod.
Inte en pinsam utan en lugn tystnad.
- Mary?
- Uhu?
- If I told you a secret would you keep it?
- Ofcourse!
- Would you think of me like a freak if I told you?
- You’re not a freak Nialler.
- So I can tell you?
- Anything, I’ll keep your secrets safe.
Jag hörde honom andas snabbt.
- Have you ever felt one feeling for someone and one day you just feel different?
- Like a different feeling?
- Yeah.
- I don’t know what you mean.
- Imagine you bestfriend or teacher.
- Okey.
- You feel like it’s never going to be any not-friends love right?
- Right.
- And then one day when they walk in the classroom or say hi to you there is a
different feeling.
- Like a feeling of love?
- Yeah, I think so?
- You think so?
- I don’t really know what love means.
Han har en poäng, vad betyder egentligen kärlek?
- If you suddenly feel like you need this person more than before, you smile
whenever someone says their name or you feel your heart beating harder, sa han
- Have you ever felt like that when it comes to someone you never thought you
would feel that for?
Jag tänkte efter, enkelt svar!
- Yes.
Han var tyst.
- What are you trying to say anyway Niall?
- Ehm…
- Just tell me, please?
- I-I….
Han var tyst en stund innan jag fick den största chocken någonsin.
- I love you Mary.

Texten och bilderna är messed up!
Iallafall sorry att jag inte har uppdaterat, har hänt en del saker så som vistelse på sjukhuset pga. att mitt knä gått ur led igen och sånt...

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Så himla bra!

2012-09-26 @ 17:36:20
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omg omg skriv meeer

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så himla bra!!

2012-09-29 @ 16:04:20
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Jätte bra! Man vill bara fortsätta läsa! <3

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hej länkbyte? :)

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